Most of the photos on this page have to do with the "Do It Yourself" articles I developed for magazine productions. All the concepts and their prototypes were assembled in my studio and every Do It Yourself project comes with directions, a source guide and a pattern or template if necessary. I love working with paper and fabrics.To convert my ideas into a product I use a large variety of professional methods and craftmanship. Bookbinding, screen printing, photography, painting and colouring-technologies, origami, sewing and embroidery are some of my favourites. Wallpaper patterns, printed paperbags from all over the world, antique fabrics and vintage needlework are important inspirational sources to mention just a few. A simple leaf, a small flower, a beautiful stone, a hint of coulour can suggest exciting new ideas.
  Some old maps inspired the development of an advent calendar. A collection of selected american, british and french wallpapers were reincarnated as a collection of cartons and also evolved into pretty envelopes.

Ideas that present themselves during projects may develop into entirely new themes. Christmas angels, tree tops, a felt bambi, swallows and other designs I made out of wool-felt begun in 2005 originated in this fashion (you can find them at

Beginning in 2006 I've offered a special assortment of products I developed and produced, some of which can be viewed at Royal Pretender or at

You can see my paper goods at

There is also an exciting book-project in the planning!

Questions by email concerning crafts and decoration are welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Another aspect of my work as a designer is providing inspirational portfolios and moodboards. I use an array of colors, samples of material and a range of original sources I developed for the project. These portfolios are essential to the process of finished projects.
Example: Special Fare "Geschichtenerzähler"

what else?
Interested in photos of the productions Viola and Linen (see: special)? Please contact me.